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District 1 Meets; Welcomes New Leaders

22 Mar 2024 6:52 AM | Anonymous

District 1 members met March 13 at the Iron Horse Hotel.  The meeting was led by D1 Co-Chairs, Drs Tracy McCall and Michelle Graham. Wisconsin Medical Society CEO, Mike Flesher, provided opening remarks regarding the Society and then turned the WMS update to Dr. Don Lee, the current WMS President.

Mark Grapentine then provided an overview of advocacy efforts on behalf of WMS and then an overview of PolicyLink ensuring everyone can be familiar with the process for all members to provide feedback regarding policies being vetted by the Society on behalf of our members.  Check it out on our website HERE.

Drs. Graham and McCall then awarded Dr. Lee a commemorative plaque on behalf of District 1 for representing the District within WMS leadership as the President of the Society.

A huge congratulations was offered to Dr. Michelle Graham for being elected as our next President-Elect. That opened her seat as District 1 co-chair. Dr. David Galbis-Reig was nominated to fill her spot. Both Dr. David Galbis-Reig and Dr. Tracy McCall were unanimously elected as Co-chairs of District 1 for the upcoming year.

Mark Ziety, on behalf of WisMed Financial, then provided an excellent review of taxes and ways physicians may be able to save, especially looking toward retirement. Check out his slides HERE.

Elections for the WMS Board of Directors ensued.  Dr. McCall was voted to continue in her seat for another 3 years along with all of the other incumbents. There were 2 positions with 2-year open terms to be filled. Dr. Stephanie Strohbeen and Dr. David Galbis-Reig were both nominated and elected to fill those open terms.  We would like to congratulate the full D1 representation to the Board.

Jim Lorence and Kelley Deibert provided a high-level membership update and reflected on the positive impact Marvin is having and how it can help support our physicians. Check out some information on Marvin HERE.

Final announcements were provided including a reminder to sign up and join us at the Health & Harmony event on April 5-6th to celebrate the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation as well as the inauguration of the next President of the Society, Dr. Cindy Hart, who was able to offer her support for the D1 meeting as well. For more information on the event and to sign up, click HERE.

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