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Physicians have a profound impact on our community's health.  Your time spent with the Medical Society of Milwaukee County, shapes initiatives and programs that powerfully influence the health of our community, and changes lives


The Medical Society of Milwaukee County (MSMC) is working to spotlight the devastating impact of firearm injuries on children. Through this work we hope that collective attention will be brought to this critical issue and help implement practices that will significantly reduce the incidence and impact of these tragedies in our community, including making a donation to the Children's Hospital Safe at Home Program. The Safe at Home Program helps provide gun safes to families at risk for gun violence, with the aim of decreasing firearm injuries. Please view the below links and articles to learn more about this issue and how you can help make a difference.

'Are you living in a war zone?' ER doctors call for legislative action on guns

What keeps an ER doctor up at night: 'The sound a mother makes after her child dies.'

This Milwaukee doctor sees kids shot every week. She wants the gun violence to stop.

Crossing Lines - A Change in the Leading Cause of Death among U.S. Children

Safe at Home Program

Free & Community Clinic Collaborative

The Medical Society of Milwaukee County joins the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership in supporting the Free and Community Clinic Collaborative (FC3), a coalition of safety-net clinics, which strive to provide quality primary care, urgent care, and seamless navigation to affordable insurance for low-income, underinsured patients in Milwaukee County.

MSCW recognizes the importance of free and community clinics to the health of our Milwaukee County neighbors in need, and encourages primary care physicians, specialist physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other providers and community health care workers to volunteer. 

In this new era of health care, we invite you to visit the FC3 website to see current volunteer opportunities, news updates from the FC3, videos of the clinics and their volunteers, and learn more about liability and volunteer criteria.

Specialty Access for the Uninsured Program (SAUP)

This program connects patients who have specialty health conditions with doctors trained to help them

How can you influence the well-being of your community through SAUP? Get more information here.

Social Development Commission

The Social Development Commission is a community action agency.  Their mission is to empower Milwaukee County residents with the resources they need to move beyond poverty. For more information:

Take Back My Meds MKE

70% of opioid addictions start at home - very often from unused medicine that is left in medicine cabinets. The Medical Society of Milwaukee County is proud to be a part of this coalition dedicated to making it easier for Milwaukee County residents to combat the opioid crisis by safely disposing of unused prescription medicine at a growing network of secure drug take back locations


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